Sunday, October 13, 2019

Halloween Hinkydoodles

Of course Hinkydoodles isn't a word, but I'm in the mood to make up a word that expresses silliness and fun. So Hinkydoodles it is. Perhaps creativity, silliness, and fun are why some folks aren't into stamping out Halloween.

Now on to the post.

The lighting is poor, yes, but I have bad eyesight. Things tend to even out in the end.

With the intention of mailing greetings, I bought a pack of Halloween postcards last season, or maybe it was the pumpkin season before that. Who remembers? As you can see from the pic, I never got around to opening the pack, let alone mailing out such salutations. Well, actually I tend to mail Halloween/autumn boxes to pen pals, but that's my straying from the point.

The point? In the spirit of celebrating what has to be a witchin' season -- and in the spirit of realizing that if I don't send out these cards, then they will sit around and collect dust -- I decided if any witchy blogger in the US, UK, or Canada wants to receive a Halloween postcard, I'm open to sending the blogger one of these 24 postcards (and no, I don't know what the postcards look like because I haven't opened the pack). Drop a comment from now OCTOBER 13, 2019 (or as we common folk like to say TODAY) UNTIL OCTOBER 19, 2019 8am CST and let me know you'd like a postcard. NO PERSONAL ADDRESSES IN THE COMMENT BOX, PLEASE!!!! I'll contact you via your blog. Or you can cut to the chase and contact me at sharonmaynard12 at gee mail dot com. Subject line: Halloween Hinkydoodles. If I'm lucky enough to receive a "I'd like one of those 24 Halloween postcards. I can use it in  my junk journal or in a Halloween decoration" response, then my last mail out date will be OCTOBER 23rd. There's no point in mailing a card that the recipient won't receive until after  enchanting October 31st.     

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Back! Back, You Crazy Spider!

I view Halloween as a complex holiday -- or maybe I should say season. On one hand you have the Halloween side of merriment -- the lighting of the jack o' lanterns, hanging the flying witch ornament in the front door's window, and preparing for  trick o' treaters. On the other hand, you have the honoring of Samhain. I think of Samhain as a period when you contemplate the love you had with someone who has transitioned into Death. Or maybe you're thinking about your transitioning into Death, and thinking about the love you have for someone.

On the side of merriment, I'm doing things a bit differently this year. I decided I wasn't going to sweep the leaves from the front porch. The leaves give the porch a nice autumn feel, don't they? On the other hand, if the leaves pile up and present a fire hazard with a burning jack o' lantern...Hmm...Maybe I better rethink things.

Also, I may have a basket (more like a tupperware container) filled with individually wrapped teas and tissanes for the parents. Last year some parents gave off vibes that trick o' treating was a pain in the ass, designed to pacify kids super-charged  with the energy only Halloween fuels. Perhaps if the parents receive a treat, then Halloween fun will be a less tiresome chore.

This year I'm giving into the temptation of buying THREE pumpkins to decorate the porch. A part of me thought that stacking a gazillion pumpkins atop a gazillion more pumpkins was a waste, as in Exactly how many pumpkins does it take to get your punkin' point across? No Halloween outdoor decor appealed to me -- not enough to buy, anyway. The "broom parking only" signs were tempting,  though. I thought, 'Why not go with a harvest mini-decoration? Like 3 pumpkins?' Some people in this community have gone in a different direction. Judging by the amount of pumpkins, gourds, and mums accenting their doorway, people have been perusing either the Good Housekeeping websites or Martha Stewart magazines. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

National Black Cat Awareness Month

                                             (Google Image from Shutterstock)

If you've crossed path with a black cat, then you know how easy it is to become enchanted by the elegance and beauty of these cats (or any cat, if you happen to be a cat fan).  As far as I'm concerned, every month should be a time to celebrate lovely felines, but October is considered Black Cat Awareness Month.

If you enjoy the company of domesticus caticus and can meet time requirements requested by shelters, then consider contacting a shelter and finding out how you may help these valued organizations.

Friday, September 27, 2019

A Halloween Tale

Sometimes you don't have to look for Halloween entertainment. Sometimes you find yourself in a mini-adventure. Let's take the adventure with an enabler. In case you don't know what an enabler is, an enabler is a person or thing that perpetuates a head case of a situation. For example, an enabler is the screwy  boyfriend who brings his girlfriend her favorite sugary junk, despite his knowing that his girlfriend suffers from pms-related cramps which are triggered by food with a high sugar content. Or how about the screw who brings his autistic son a can of soda everyday, even though he realizes his son is undeniably obese; in fact, take obesity up a notch.  Mom had slowly weaned her son from the daily habit of drinking a soda. The child no longer asked for it. For some strange reason, the father renewed the practice of  bringing his son soda everyday. Anytime the wife brought up the possibility of the son's developing diabetes, the father called her a nag. The son now insisted on having a soda everyday. Once again, mom has to figure out how to reduce her son's caloric intake. This means she herself has to give up bringing cookies and other confectionary items into the house -- and it is sooo close to Halloween! A secret part of her hopes that if her son dies of an obesity-related complication,  then her husband will be charged with homocide. Hell. she may even visit him in the prison, just to see how he likes being a daily piece de resistance for a blond, blue-eyed gorilla with hammers for fists. The loss of her husband's income would be worth it, she reasons.

And I haven't even gotten to the mini-adventure of having your child torn from your custody because you were seeking shelter from violence and coercion.   

Monday, September 2, 2019

I Bid Thee Welcome, September!

When I was a kid, September was a month of optimism -- the chance of learning something new, yeah! The optimism soon turned to fear, though, because before September rolled out, the  bullies rolled up their sleeves and got to work. The bullies might not have been smart enough to pick up facts, but they seemed to have an instinct that promised if they kept other students in a state of anxiety, the other pupils would have a more difficult time with retaining ideas and concepts. In this fashion -- via threats and sometimes blows -- the bullies managed to "dumb down" some of the "smart" kids. Of course, the ass-kickers didn't realize the "rule through terror" strategy  was a doomed one, collasping once the victims either fought back or tested into an academic setting where the bullies couldn't follow. Bearing in mind the Septembers of my youth, I would tell any would-be victim, keep studying and keep embracing your talents. Don't let anyone convince you that you are less than you are. One of these days, your joy at September's arrival will not be dampened by the aggression of classmates. Walking beneath a canopy of gold, scarlet, and orange leaves, you'll think about how beautiful the days are -- and they will be because your smarts, talent, and stamina landed you into that job or that place where you wanted to be. With that autumn mug of cider or ginger tea in hand, you'll embrace those new ideas with gusto -- or at least kick them around a bit.

Speaking of kicking around, I'm  toying with the idea of a podcast colored by witchy undertones. I can envision some aspects of the podcast such as the podcast being short (I don't have enough spit to last an hour), sometimes political (damn. What will it take for them to boot Asshole Trump from office?), and whimsical ( Halloween is prime time for a fake pumpkin giveaway! Especially great if you want a decoration that you can use year after year). At this writing, I'm fleshing out ideas for an episode with a theme like "The Joys of Growing into a Crabby Old Ass Witch." Not that growing into a crabby old ass witch is that much different from growing into a crabby non-witch.