Saturday, May 11, 2024

Thank You, Protesters

 Thank you to the folks who are protesting the U.S./ Israel's war on Palestine. The news tells me this is a war against the government of Hamas, but it sure as Hell looks like a lot of Palestinians are being tortured and murdered to me. I don't think the Israeli government and its supporters are discriminating in regards to who is a threat and who is not a threat.  

When I say "protest," I include the people who talk about the war with their friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. in a time when lobbyists are pushing for laws that equate the act of speaking out against the actions of the Israeli government with an act of anti-semitism. Am I to believe that being anti-genocide is being anti-semetic? Thank you to the letter-writers, bloggers, artists, and bakers who use their talents to express their dismay at mass murder. You may not be getting hit in the head by a cop's baton, but your energy is being directed toward a hard-won goal. Perhaps protest can take the form of your organizing a book swap among pals with the goal of educating yourselves rather than blindly accepting what television and radio media tells us.

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